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Nijmegen is known as the oldest city of the Netherlands. It is located in the south eastern part of the country, right by the border of Germany and has a population of 176,731 (2019, Municipality). 


As mentioned Nijmegen is known for their rich and ancient history. The city was first mentioned in the first century BCE as the Romans built a military camp here because of the strategic location with a good view of the river Waal. The view is still of great quality in the area. Through the following centuries, the area was passed amongst several rulers, and sometime in the mediaeval period the city Nijmegen as we know it today started sprouting. Some of the constructions from this period have successfully been maintained, which leaves modern Nijmegen with a stunning mediaeval centre. 


A market square full of life, little shops and charming old buildings surrounding it, is the node of the city. A walk through this part of town is nothing but a great experience, granting the visitor the special European feeling of historic importance and charm.

The further out you venture, more modern architecture will appear, giving the city a beautiful contrast of historic beauty and modern elegance.


Apart from this Nijmegen is not a very touristy city, which means settling here is a good chance of experiencing the local culture of the Netherlands while also being close to castles, market squares, and the rush of the big city life. As the city is not as big and famous, the rent is considerably lower than the other large cities.

The local university occupying more than 13000 students each year also provides many jobs, and makes student housing and accommodation easier to accumulate.


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Prices on business premises in Nijmegen depends on factors such as size and location. Click here to see prices on business premises in Gelderland.