Contact is used by thousands of users every day, which is why we are not able to offer general service over the phone.

If you want quick personal service, write us an email at [email protected], and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

NB! You are also welcome to call our info phone: +45 47 47 88 88.

1: What kind of business premises are available on
At we work to collect all vacant premises on the business premise market, so that you as a user only need to look in one place. Everything from vacant offices, both private and in office hotels, to retail premises, showrooms, restaurants, clinics, warehouses and production/workshops are available. You will also find commercial properties for sale, such as residential properties, hotels and real estate.

2: Where does find all business premises?
We collect the business premises in several different ways. Real estate companies, brokers, office hotels and private individuals post ads manually directly on our site. Many real estate companies and brokers also ask us to crawl premises and properties directly from their site, so that they are marketed via us. In addition, we also have intelligent robots that several times a day automatically look for new, vacant business premises and update the existing ads - all so that the premise seeking register is as up-to-date as possible.

3: What do I do if I receive the wrong business premises or premise seekers sent to me via your surveillance emails?
Click on "Your profile", which you see at the top of when you are logged in. Click on the "My Search Agents" tab that you see in the menu under "Your Profile". Here you can specify, change or delete your search agent that defines which business premises or premise seeking companies you receive emails about. If there is already an automatically created search agent, you can also choose to delete it before creating a new one.

4: What is the difference between a search agent and a search ad?
The search agent is the one that decides which business premises/properties you get sent to you. In the search ad, you state what wishes you have for the premise you are looking for, such as premise type, size and geographical area. It is then sent out to relevant landlords and sellers, who can then contact you if they have a relevant premise.

5: What do I do if I have forgotten my username/password?
Your username is always the email address you registered with. If you have forgotten your password, click on "Forgot your password?" at, and we will send you a login link via email.

6: How do I deactivate?
Click on "Your profile", which you see at the top of when you are logged in. Then click the "My Profile" tab, and click the button at the bottom of the page to go to the page where you can deactivate your profile.

7: Should I pay to use
It is completely free to register with us. It is also free to create a search agent and search ad. For landlords and sellers, it is free to create ads. As a premise seeker, you can get free information about the landlords/sellers who have redeemed their ads. However, there are a number of benefits to becoming a PremiumUser.

8: What are the benefits of being a PremiumUser?
With access as a PremiumUser, you get a number of benefits. As a premise seeking company, you e.g. get information about the business premises before others, you get access to obtain additional information about all business premises, you get information about the landlords/sellers, you get a highlighted premise seeking profile, etc.
As a landlord/seller, you have full access to our register of premise seeking companies, you get a prominent business premise ad, which increases the chances of having the premise rented/sold.

9: Is it safe to pay at
Payment is made with a secure encrypted connection via DIBS to your bank. You can pay with most credit cards. never has access to your card information, and does not have access to see your card information at any time.

10: Where can I find an overall overview of my invoices?
Click on "Your profile", which you see at the top of when you are logged in. Then press the 'Invoices' tab, which you see in the menu under "Your profile". If you want to download an invoice to your computer, press 'Link to invoice'. Then right-click with the mouse, and press 'Save as'.

11: I want to create/change a business premise ad - how do I do it?
Click on "Your profile", which you see at the top of when you are logged in. Then click on the 'My ads' tab, which you see in the menu under "Your profile". Here you can find a comprehensive overview of all your ads. To create an ad, click 'Create New Ad' at the top of the page. To edit an ad that has already been created, click the ad's address. When you have finished editing the ad, scroll down and press 'Save'.

12: How do I stop the access as a PremiumUser?
The subscription as a PremiumUser can be stopped on the page "Access Status" which is seen when the user is logged in to their profile. Click on the link "Your profile" at the top of, and then click on the tab "Invoices" in the menu under "Your profile". Then press the "Access Status" button at the bottom of the page, and you will come to the page where you can turn on or off the subscription as a PremiumUser.

13: Where do I find the business premise ads?
You can find all the business premises that are publicly advertised here:

14: How do I find the premise seeking companies?
You can find all active premise seeking companies here: 

15: Address CSP Medier ApS, Mynstersvej, 1827 Frederiksberg C, Denmark