PremiumUser benefits for business premise seekers

When you upgrade to become a PremiumUser you get three benefits, described below.

Benefit 1: Your business premise seeker ad is upgraded
You will get an upgraded business premise seeker ad which emphasized, placed at the top of the search results, and is bought free. This means that landlords who have a profile can contact you without paying for it. This is a valuable tool in the hunt for a business premise since the seeker will get substantially more inquiries about the business premises. As a PremiumUser, you will also receive more unique premises since most landlords prefer finding a tenant directly, rather than having a public ad. A business premise seeker ad can be compared to an ad in a newspaper which many did before and many actually still do.

Benefit 2: You will get access to the complete business premise search engine
You will get access to the complete business premise search engine as a PremiumUser. The business premises in the search engine includes almost all publically published business premises in Denmark. With standard access, you will only get access to about 30 percent of the business premises in the database.

Benefit 3: You will be contacted faster quicker regarding new business premises
You will get quicker notice about new business premises in the database with PremiumUser access. You will, therefore, have the ability to contact landlords faster which can help get you the best premises.