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Tilburg is a city and municipality located in the Netherlands in the southern province of North Brabant. It’s home to 217,259 inhabitants (2019). 


Tilburg offers new citizens the Amsterdam big city feeling, yet without the thousands of tourists, and a housing market with affordable prices.

Unlike many of the small villages surrounding Tilburg, the city is rather young and postindustrial. There have been inhabitants in the area for centuries, but the city of Tilburg itself has rather recently been rebuilt in history, and therefore consists of more modern constructions and architecture, yet still with the European attention to and love for detail. A lot of contemporary culture has sprouted in the city.


Tilburg hosts a long list of festivals and events each year, almost 700 of them to be exact! which attracts many millions of people to the city. Events like Woo Hah Festival, De Mei Markt , Roadburn Festival and Tilburgse Ten Miles. The most famous one however is the Tilburg fair, which is the largest one in the country


If you somehow manage to visit the city when there are no festivals or events, only 20 minutes by car outside of the city lies the infamous theme park Efteling. Efteling can be described as the Disneyland of the Netherlands, but in the theme of fairy tales, with around four million visitors each year. 


Dining in Tilburg is a comfortable experience. With a broad selection of both luxurious restaurants to locally owned kebab bars, Tilburg has something for each taste. In the more expensive end Tilburg is home to a three starred Michelin restaurant by the name Monarh. In a 125-year-old cloister, Monarh invites you to experience their modern cuisine, created using many methods such as glazing, smoking, fresh jellies and many more. On the other end of the price range, we have the beloved middle eastern Sarban, serving their guests a delicious taste of Afghanistan at an affordable price.


Many students at the University of Tilburg choose to settle in Tilburg naturally. The students help keep the streets of Tilburg alive out of the tourist seasons and on the everydays. Sitting at the cafés studying, walking hand in hand on dates and just hanging out in the parks.


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